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International Maritime Academy Bozic is the first international maritime school in the Republic of Croatia founded in Split. Within the Academy there is a department that offers professional guidance to the participants and takes care of the possibilities for their employment. We offer theoretical education in modern equipped classrooms and practical education in the most modern simulator instruction room.

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Summer school of Maritime law- ELSA Split and IMA Bozic

Summer school of Maritime law organized by the European Law Students Association (ELSA) spent a day with IMA Bozic with the aim of acquiring some skills and knowledge about COLREGS (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea).

“Even though this international law school normally gathers students from all over the world, this year unfortunately we could not host our colleagues from Europe and boarding area with Asian due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. This year the summer school of maritime law was organized only for the local students from Croatia, primarily for students from the University of Split who are interested in applying maritime law in theoretical and practical sense”, said Boško Medvid, the president of OC.

“The school is organized in the form of non-formal education which, in addition to enriching their own CV, offers students the opportunity to connect with the theoretical part of maritime law and practical, and this is possible through practical lectures by lecturers experienced masters, ” says Barbara Topic, president of ELSA .

Filip Sedmak, a law school student from Split who joined “Summer School of Law” in order to learn thoroughly about the legal regulations of the maritime law. He pointed out that he is interested in the practical part of the course on the COLREG polygon, and he is particularly interested in listening to the stories from the experts in this field.

Since last year, the IMA Bozic, the official partner of the European Commission in the organization of international teacher training workshops, has recently added the label “Croatian Quality” (Hrvatska Kvaliteta) for lifelong learning services in addition to the already rich range of international awards. The university is especially proud to work with ELSA for the second year in a row for providing knowledge and experience to students on the topic of maritime law and international rules on avoiding collisions at sea.

“The training ground for international collision avoidance rules at sea, unique in this part of Europe, is extremely important for understanding IMO collision avoidance rules, mooring berths, and training in navigation rules. It allows coordination to be established between the decision of which action to take and the actions themselves, and of course it ultimately allows the ship to move in a left-right-forward-backward direction. At the training ground, the approach to the port of destination, VHF communication with the control and surveillance services, and approaching the connection on the left or right side, or at the stern, are practiced. The scenario includes adjusting the speed from the open sea to closed ports, taking into account the impact of sea currents, wind, wind waves and waves due to the movement of the ship. Attendees have the opportunity to operate various ship models via a joystick. Given that we are witnessing many maritime accidents due to factors such as non-compliance with the rules of the championship at sea, this form of education through simulation was launched for the purpose of accident prevention so that participants can recognize situations in practice. Work on the training ground is included in the practical part of the teaching process of the retraining program for seafarers “, IMA Bozic tells us.

Enrollment in the international retraining and secondary education programs for maritime navigators, ship engineering technicians and electrical technicians is underway, and the official start of the school year is September 27, 2021, and all those interested can apply in person at the address of the university: 114th Brigade 12, Split or on the phone number 021/558 519, mobile phone 091/4782892.