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Lifelong learning center Bozic is the first international maritime school in the Republic of Croatia. Since we are a Center for lifelong learning, our core activity is education, i.e. secondary education, vocational retraining, qualification improvement and training of adult attendants for different professions. The school possesses all relevant work permits by the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure.

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Cell is a basic functional unit of the human body, in which a great number of complex chemical and metabolic processes take place at the same time by which the cells feed, breathe, interact with each other, produce energy, hormones, transport substances … All processes in the cell, and  through which the cells communicate with each othe, are governed by cellular intelligence, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the whole body and the condition we call HEALTH … Health is our greatest asset, and life itself is a great knowledge. Only knowledge makes us different.


Through the health and beauty program we offer you the opportunity to acquire new professional knowledge and skills in the field of health.


The Center for lifelong learning Bozic holds all relevant permits for the implementation of the training programs issued by the competent Ministry  in the beauty and health sector. A wide variety of training programs that fall into this sector are:



When we realize that health tourism is becoming more and more a branch of tourism with the largest expansion both on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and on passenger ships, which increasingly need educated staff to provide health services on board, it becomes clear why we have launched exactly this kind of educational programs.


Only with top and expert (medical) staff, tourist attractions throughout our beautiful country, good transport connections and widespread natural healing factors, such as thermal and mineral waters, medicinal mud, climate, air, sea, herbs we can hope to achieve a high position in the health tourism market.

In Split, 20/09/2019


There are at least a dozen good reasons to learn foreign languages

At the Lifelong learning center Bozic, we are surrounded by young and slightly older students who are faced with the need to learn at the age when they are supposed to be, or already are, in the labor market. What we have all heard more than once during our previous years of schooling – “learn for yourself, not for grades” , now gets its true meaning and justification in real life situations. With the process of globalization  and easier access to the free labor market, our citizens often look for better working conditions in other countries, where other languages ​​are spoken. At the same time  the free labor market gives opportunity to foreigners as well, to seek employment, study or just spend their holidays here.


For all persons to whom  foreign languages are stumbling blocks in career promotion  or job-search from this school year we have started up the School of foreign languages Bozic.


Make use of the possibility to be  taught by people with practical work and life experience from real-world working conditions on ships under different flags and enroll in one of the offered foreign language learning programs. In addition to general English, German and Italian courses, A1-C2 levels, we also offer tailored courses for seafarers and hotel staff on board ships and for other professions from a wide range of programs at our Center.


Open up the world of global employment opportunities

Foreign languages learning or training ​​opens the door to the world of labor. In a rapidly changing world more than ever, companies do business internationally. A key segment in their successful business is the recruitment of globally oriented people who speak at least one foreign language. Have you ever wanted to be like those people you see in the airport travelling „on business“ all the time? That can be you. Ever thought it would be nice to sail the world’s seas while being paid well? That is waiting for you. In fact, it is only by knowing a foreign language that you can apply for such jobs.


Increasing cognitive ability

Today, when the advancement of technology has led to the emergence of new professions, lifelong learning has become a must, and learning foreign languages one of the top priorities. Cognitive benefits of learning a second language add to this, no matter how old you are. Memory improvement, longer attention span, and a reduced  risk of age-related cognitive decline are just a few of the known positive effects.


Establish connections and cross-cultural friendships

Finally, the last but not least important Lifelong learning center Bozic is the first international maritime college in the Republic of Croatia with students coming from all over the world so different languages can be  heard ​​in our corridors. In such an atmosphere, the motivation for learning a language is not questionable, especially for establishing new cross-cultural friendships.

In Split, 17/09/2019


Center for lifelong learning  Bozic is the first international maritime school in the Republic of Croatia. The Center is  a part of the Split Ship Management Group, which has been active in the market for over 25 years, offering training to seafarers and employment on passenger and cargo ships.  Since we are  a Center for lifelong learning, our core activity is  adult education: retraining, specialization and training for various professions. The Center holds all relevant work permits from the Ministry of science and education and the Ministry of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure. Our mission is to be a leading institution for lifelong learning  in this part of Europe, contributing to the intellectual, social and general development of the region, creating new employment opportunities through the development of multidisciplinary education programs. All our programs are designed according to the new methodology of curriculum development according to the guidelines of the EU educational policy, and are fully complied with the needs of the labor market. It is our advantage that, in cooperation with the maritime employment agency, we guarantee our trainees employment as officers and / or hotel staff on board passenger ships.


On 14/08/ 2019, in the Center’s big hall a grand ceremony of awarding the final certificates to the first generation of students of the first International Maritime School in English language for the  professions of Maritime navigators and  Marine engineering technicians.


“A great day for us because it is the international maritime school level and the first in Croatia in English language. We are particularly pleased and proud about this, and especially with the knowledge  presented by our students at the end of the school year. As far as the interest in enrolling in the programs is concerned, it is really great especially at the international level, while Croatian students show interest in enrolling programs in English as well, because then along with  their profession they also master English language, which offers them greater opportunities for employment on ships. In terms of employment, as a group, we guarantee to anyone who successfully completes school programs employment, primarily on passenger ships. So successful completion of the program is a big and mutual pleasure for both, the trainees and us who train them . ” said the director of the SSM group, D. Sc. Ratko Bozic.


In addition to the maritime school, our Center offers over 130 different education programs,  international children’s music workshop, school of foreign languages, company training, vocational teacher training workshops.

“Center for lifelong learning Bozic in the next generation of maritime navigators and marine engineering technicians has over 20 students from Australia, Italy, Hungary and other English-speaking countries. The Center also has over 130 adult education programs for different professions. We have to boast that in two years of the institution’s existence, we have over 600 enrolled students in various educational programs. The theoretical part is carried out in modern classrooms, and the practical part of education in fully equipped practicums ” says adult education manager, Ivo Perkovic.

We recommend to anyone looking for better living in  Germany, Ireland and other countries to consider  first whether it would be good to get a job on board a ship. Employment does not necessarily mean on ocean liners, it can be on  river  boats for those who do not like the sea. Going on a ship means returning home, and any departure to a foreign country makes your return questionable.

Employment on board ensures good salaries, jobs, short contracts, permanent salaries (pension and health care are paid), and even 4-6 months of annual leave per year.

We invite all interested in enrollment to come and  consult  us on employment opportunities and to check all the above said, at 114.Brigade 12, Split, mail: [email protected]; or mob: 091/4782892. Choose a maritime profession and stay in Croatia with your families.


In Split, 09/09/2019


In September, at SSM, we start recruiting around 300 candidates for Carnival Maritime for the purpose of employment in the passenger ship industry of officer and hotel staff. Carnival Maritime provides maritime services and operates to the highest technical standards for Costa and Aida Cruise Group. Recruiting will last from September 17 to September 19 for the officer staff and from October 22 to 23 for the hotel staff. It is our desire to collect, by that time, CVs of young educated people who are willing to work in the passenger ship industry. For recruitment purposes, we have opened special e-mails where ones who are interested can apply and submit their CVs:  [email protected]


We at SSM are recognized in this area as the leading agency for signing on the seafarers on board passenger ships with a 25- year tradition under the leadership of our manager D.Sc. Ratko Bozic.We are extremely glad that the employers who own large passenger ships wish to recruit hotel staff here, as until now it was not a practice to hire hotel staff from Croatia, but mainly from the Philippines, and the staff that signed on from Europe as management staff were exclusively Italians in the hotel section.This is a real chance for us to assert ourselves in the passenger ship industry with over 50,000 employees in the group. So far, we have signed on officers and have very good feedback, says D.Sc. Ratko Bozic.


These are the newest vessels with high standards of living. Contracts are short with defined signing on and off terms and with paid seniority and retirement and health insurance benefits.It is important to note that all applicants must be able to communicate in English, and knowledge of another Western language is always a plus.The program of signing on and off is made for the period of several years, which means that you will know exactly when your next tour is. This is our chance, as well as that of the whole Crosma Association (Croatian Ship Manning Association) to try to recruit as many people from Croatia as possible, especially the quality staff available in Croatia, because by recruiting more Croatian citizens we will improve the demographic picture and so stop the trend of emigration of young people and entire families to Germany, Ireland, Norway and other countries.Whoever signs on a ship that person returns home after a job (contract) is done.


Statistically speaking, out of 10 young people who go to work abroad, so far, only 1 returns, and 9 of them take their families with them as well. The statistics are devastating, aren’t they?- said Mr. Bozic.


So do not leave Croatia, sign on a  ship, finish out your contract and return home!

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