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International Maritime Academy Bozic is the first international maritime school in the Republic of Croatia founded in Split. Within the Academy there is a department that offers professional guidance to the participants and takes care of the possibilities for their employment. We offer theoretical education in modern equipped classrooms and practical education in the most modern simulator instruction room.

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Learning objective of English language teaching is to develop communication skills i.e. to prepare participants for appropriate communication in English language in various situations: in a foreign environment, in their own country with speakers from the English speaking countries, at multinational meetings and in other situations in which they must use the English language. This means enabling students to achieve language proficiency in all language skills: listening, reading, spoken interaction, speech production and writing. At the same time students learn to develop their understanding and acceptance of  English speaking countries cultures – intercultural competence and tolerance – as well as awareness of their own culture.

General English course (A1-C2)


A1 – Breakthrough or beginner

A2 –  Waystage or elementary

B1 – Threshold or intermediate

B2 – Vantage or upper intermediate

C1 – Effective operational proficiency or advanced

C2 – Mastery or proficiency

  • Participants are divided into groups according to age, needs and previous knowledge.
  • Monitoring of participant’s progress is relevant in relation to program content and goals, program duration, student’s needs and age.
  • Teacher constantly monitors each student’s progress and keeps notes about it.
  • At  least two tests are taken  during each module to check the progress of the learner / group but also to see what else needs to be done.

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