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International Maritime Academy Bozic is the first international maritime school in the Republic of Croatia founded in Split. Within the Academy there is a department that offers professional guidance to the participants and takes care of the possibilities for their employment. We offer theoretical education in modern equipped classrooms and practical education in the most modern simulator instruction room.

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With the accession of the Republic of Croatia into the EU, there have been many changes and new opportunities in the areas of economy, tourism, education, trade and the like. Projects funded through EU programs have become the focus of interest of the wider population. There is a lack of trained  personnel to draft EU funds projects in the labor market. The program is intended for those who want to get involved or are already drafting EU fund projects and want to formalize the skills and knowledge they possess. Besides  that with  this kind of training  employers will get a professional  to perform the tasks of preparation and implementation of  projects for EU funds, it will also ensure unemployed persons to be trained  to carry out, monitor, implement and evaluate a specific project, as well as to work as associates in the design of a new project  for EU funds or for their own purposes.

The program has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, which has been prepared according to the recommendations of the European Union’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Upon completion of the program, the trainee is issued a certificate of training, a public document prescribed by the law of the Republic of Croatia, with registration in the e-work booklet.

Competencies acquired by students:

  1. Differentiate EU funds and their characteristics
  2. Identify important information in the tender documentation
  3. Differentiate project activities and resources in the project budget preparation phase
  4. Participate in the preparation of the project proposal
  5. Participate in the implementation of the project in accordance with the rules of competition and public procurement
  6. Participate in reporting to the contracting authority
  7. Apply the relevant EU regulations for European projects
  8. Apply safety at work , fire prevention and first aid rules.
Teaching is conducted on a consultative basis.
Training while working.
  • EU funds and funding opportunities
  • Problem and stakeholders analysis and project objectives
  • Development of project activities and budget
  • Project logic matrix
  • Implementation and completion of the project proposal
  • Safety at work

A person who has completed at least four years of secondary education may enroll in the training program for associates in preparation and implementation of projects for EU funds.

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